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8th Grade Service Project 2022

The 8th grade Spanish classes are participating with a non-profit organization called Yuda Bands. Public education ends after 6th grade in Guatemala and the majority of families are unable to afford private education. Yuda Bands sponsors students and assists them with paying for their education and supplies. It is a unique program that sells bands made of genuine leather with a colored string and a hand carved coconut shell made by local Guatemalan artisans. Each band is $10 and will not only pay for a student’s education, but will give back to the local artisans. We are directly sponsoring an 8th grade student named Melvin. Each band we sell will directly impact his education. Our students will have the opportunity to meet Melvin and his family in Guatemala on a Zoom call! We are excited to be one of 50 schools in the United States partnering with Yuda Bands and the only one currently in New York State.

Please view a brief documentary about Yuda Bands and the education system in Guatemala and meet our student, Melvin.

If you are interested in purchasing a Yuda Band, please see the form that was sent home with your child, or email

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