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St. Amelia School is a “learning community” where values are developed, friendships grow, and knowledge is attained. The school is firmly established in the community, dedicated to excellence in education since 1955. The mental, physical and spiritual capabilities of the individual are enhanced by the curriculum. St. Amelia School is chartered by the New York State Board of Regents and complies with all its requirements


Our pre-kindergarten program lets children explore, play and imagine. Designed to lead students from wonder to discovery, our program helps them associate learning with pleasure and fulfillment. Focus is on the process rather than the product. 


Our kindergarten program uses hands-on projects to introduce activities and materials to help children acquire sensory, motor, perceptual and language skills. The curriculum, within an age-appropriate framework, is adaptable to children’s varying needs and interests.


Elementary 1 - 5

Grades 1-5 prepare the students on their journey for excellence in the elementary years.  Building respect for God, self, and others is the foundation of the elementary classroom.


Junior High 6 - 8

Grades 6-8 prepare the students on their journey towards High School. In addition to good character, grades 6-8 inspire excellence in the classroom through a variety of academic programs which include daily instruction, all the while assuming personal responsibility.


Religion is taught in all grades every day. It is our goal to strengthen our identity as a Catholic school so the students will become positive contributors to society.


Encore Classes

Students have the opportunity to explore music, art, physical education, technology and library on a weekly basis.

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