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Urgent Football Fundraiser Update

Updated: Sep 15

St. Amelia School Families,

This memo is to inform our families that we have been notified by the Diocese of Buffalo Audit Department that the Football Ticket Raffle is not in compliance with charitable gaming and allowable games of chance in NYS. We ask that at this time you refrain from distributing any more tickets, until further instructions can be given, which is expected in the next 24 hours.

According to NYS Gaming Law:

“Raffles winners cannot be determined by a random number generator, using

the scores of a football games, or by any other determination. NYS (or any other

states) daily lottery numbers (forward, backwards, +1, etc.) to determine the

winner is NOT an allowable raffle per NYS Regulations. Winners must be

determined by drawing a ticket from previously sold tickets.”

We are working internally, in conjunction with Father Mike and the SAS School Board to work out an alternate fundraiser that uses the Football Raffle Tickets and is in compliance with NYS Gaming regulations. We will have a more detailed communication/plan, FAQs, and website to share with families and ticket holders to address these changes.

I kindly ask that you please refrain from reaching out to the school office and/or seeking more information or asking questions on social media in regards to these changes.

Thank you for your prompt attention and understanding with this matter,

Ms. Katie McIntyre


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