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June Knight of the Month

Please join me in congratulating the June Knight of the Month - Ms. Julie Pangborn!

Ms. Pangborn is our Middle School Spanish teacher and this month's Knight of the Month.

Ms. Pangborn came to us with a glowing recommendation to take over for our Spanish vacancy and that recommendation was right! Ms. Pangborn quickly made incredible connections with our sometimes hard to reach middle school students. Her report card comments reflect a true understanding and appreciation for each one of her 117 students. She spends her lunch period each day with middle school students who all clamor for the opportunity to spend extra time in her presence!

I had the pleasure of chaperoning our 8th grade trip to Boston with Ms. Pangborn and we introduced many students and even some faculty to one of our shared favorite movies, The Princess Bride. Ms. Pangborn took that opportunity to connect with her students, as well as sharing her seat with a rotating group of 8th graders for most of the 8 hour bus ride, both to and from Boston.

Ms. Pangborn truly embodies our mission of inspiring excellence every day with the time and connections she is committed to making with each of her students.

Thank you and Congratulations Ms. Pangborn!

- Mrs. McIntyre

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