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Knight of the Month - January 2023

It is our pleasure to announce that the January Knight of the Month is Mrs. Jamie Warren, our school guidance counselor! The Knight of the Month is awarded to a faculty or staff member that goes above and beyond the expectations of his/her role at SAS. Mrs. Warren was assigned dismissal duties at the start of the school year, yet she chooses to be a part of arrival duties in the morning as well. She is a friendly face for all our students and our PK and K friends love being taken from the car to school by Mrs. Warren!

Mrs. Warren also runs several "circle" classes which allow our Jr. High students the opportunity to have conversations with each other in a safe space on topics such as bullying, racism, conflict resolution, and more. She runs these classes with much care and consideration.

Mrs. Warren is new in her role as guidance counselor but we often feel she's been here for much longer!

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